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Welcome to Hallettsville!  Come visit, stay awhile, and discover what we have to offer!  We may be small, but we are full of the good stuff that makes Small Town America what it is.


Wilbur Baber Expo Center

The Expo Center is usually filled with events from rodeos & roping events to circus acts and the annual Founder's Rodeo bringing back the Texas High School Rodeo Association to where it all began


Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Located Right outside the Chamber Office is a full size combat helicopter decommissioned and dedicated to those who served in the Vietnam War. 


Lavaca Historical Museum

All things Hallettsville & Lavaca County.  It's a great place to revisit the past and discover what makes Hallettsville a great place to live.  


Hallettsville Municipal Park

Enjoy a walk or get out and exercise on a paved run through the beautiful city park.  Complete with two pavilions available for reservations, a sand volleyball court, swings, workout bars, tennis courts, and two children play areas!


Hallettsville Golf Course

Looking for a relaxing time on the course?  Our course features 9 holes with sand traps, water hazards and elegant smooth greens.


Lavaca County Courthouse

It's the enormous tower that catches your attention.  Filled with history and perfect, meticulous carved construction our courthouse is amazingly beautiful, especially during the Christmas Holidays where it's completely lit for all to admire.


Hallet Oak Gallery & Downtown

Stunning Architecture lines the square around our courthouse with some features dating back as far as the late 1800's.   While you're taking in the small town atmosphere swing by the Hallet Oak Gallery and get some culture with exhibits from some of Hallettsville's greatest artists.


Friench Simpson Memorial Library

Whether you're an avid reader or prestigious historian our public library is a great place to start exploring our beautiful town.  

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