Hallettsville Festival of Lights

A visionary wish and an imaginative dream inspired the "Festival of Lights" in Hallettsville, Lavaca

County, Texas, and determination made it become an inspirational reality.

In September 1996 a small group decided to inquire if the community would support their vision of a Christmas celebration involving the community, churches, city and county governments. Their quest received overwhelming anticipation. Therefore; the Festival of Lights committee set forth their mission statement:
    Celebrate with us our Past and enjoy our Present so that you might catch a glimpse of our Future while we feel the Peace, envision the Hope, celebrate the Joy and share the Love of Christmas.

The "Festival of Lights" is about celebrating the big holidays on the calendar and the little holidays of the heart.

                                                                       Photo Contributed by Andrew Porras


It will remind you that Christmas is a time when our thoughts turn to the special people Christ has brought into our lives...and as we remember, our hearts are warmed with love! The "Festival of Lights" Lighting Extravaganza is normally presented from November 25, until January 6, in the genuine spirit of Christmas bringing to you a holiday spectacle and the ultimate festival of lights.       

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